As children, Brett Patterson and Tyler Clemens were friends living on the same street. After years of sexual abuse at the hands of a nearby neighbor, Brett moved away with his family, forever leaving Tyler and the secret behind. As men, having never healed the common wounds of their youth, they exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. However, when Tyler arrives, unexpectedly bearing the baggage of their childhood, the past can no longer be denied…

Through poignant storytelling and compelling drama, Ocala truthfully delves into the worlds of two male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It sheds light on a myriad of often heart-wrenching short and long term social and psychological obstacles associated with horrific childhood traumas. Both Brett Patterson’s story and the story of Ocala are a fictionalized homage to the true stories of the victims and survivors that represent a significant segment of our society. Provocative visuals and realistic scenarios are depicted in connection with the deviant and self-destructive behavior adopted all too often as coping mechanisms when therapy is either unsought or unavailable. With a redemptive ending, Ocala acknowledges that while there may be dark days for survivors, they are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.


A Note From The Producers:

This piece is an important way for us to shed light on both the short and long term negative effects on a victim’s ability to engage in intimate relationships, their struggle with self-image, as well as the afore mentioned patterns of behavior. We believe that awareness will lead to consciousness, and that in turn, will lead to further dialogue about an issue that, all too often, goes unchecked by the lack of communication and education surrounding the issue. Both the Sandusky incidents and the numerous incidents of abuse in various church organizations illustrate how silence about the subject, or any subject for that matter, can lead to institutionalized acceptance, disenfranchise the victims, and render us ALL powerless. We do this out of love.